kingsman the golden circle

kingsman           the golden circle
kingsman is a story based on this guy named Eggsy. In the first movie kingsman, the secret service Eggsy dad used to work for kingsman he died protecting his unit. Harry gave him a little badge.
 years later Eggsy worked as a secret agent and has a girlfriend named princess Tilde.Without anyone knowing all of there houses and headquarters was destroyed by some headquarters called Golden circle. Without anyone knowing two people survived Merlin and Eggsy.
They figured out there was another headquarters that knew kingsman called the statesman. They saw Harry who died years ago statesman saved him but he lost his memory he could not remember anything only that he liked butterflies.They tried a lot of things to make him remember his life but finally, Eggsy remembered that Harry missed his dog he got a dog and tried to shot it and harry remember his training and got his memory back.
Later the golden circle gave a commercial about a drug that has a blue rash …

memes and riddles


first day of school

On my first day of school, I woke up at 8:21 and I got changed, brushed my hair and went downstairs I ate bread and milk first I went upstairs to brush my teeth and then I went downstairs second I went to school and got sort into classes I got mr.Toon as my teacher.He is fun and we basically played the whole entire day we also had French class with a different teacher and we played musical chairs and I  got second place and won an eraser.And since I am in grade 4  I got a locker but I had to share with my friend Emily but I also walked with her then I had lunch then I had language class after I went on Emily car and next when I was home  I played piano  next I went upstairs to read books later around 5:30 my parents came home when my parents were home I watched a t.v show called Keep running keep running is a Chinese t.v show.My mom was cooking while I was watching keep running (while eating Ice cream) after I ate I went upstairs and brushed my teeth and read a book then went to bed.



march break

On my march break I went tothe great break there we split up with themad science  the we split with up with the4-5 years old. After we went to the gym to play octopus, everybody's it tag and ship to shore. Then the staff (William, Star, Tesla, Doddle, and Twizzlers)  checked our snack I most of the time  bring cookies they checked our snack because no sea food or nuts are aloud. During snack, I played UNO. After snack, we did art I made a square and zipper out of string it was super fun, then we went to the gym to play elephant ball, clip tag and doctor dodge ball. Then we had a lunch break. After most of the time we played dodge ball or shark attack with the parachute. We did that for the whole entire week until Friday. We did never can tells like Johnny Johnny Johnny whoop Johnny whoop Johnny Johnny and paint the face of the monkey red easy, picnic, my aunt likes to where red and hard picnic that is all we did on my march break.

top 10 richest kid youtubers

10. matty b raps he makes raps and has 4 million dollars and has a blog channel with   2 million              subscribers 9. jacob sartorius he has 1.6 million subscribers he post music videos and has other sketches 8. eventubehd he has three channels and has around 6 million subscribers and has 4 million dollars.7.mark Thomas he has half a million subscribers he makes thousands of dollars every time so he has millions of dollars 6. jhonnyyosings he sings but not like matty b raps he has a music channel that has over a million subscribers of luck channel with half a million subscribes 5. tanner fox he is a professional stunt scooters rider with almost 2000000 million subscribers 4. carson leuers he is another kid that dose music on YouTube his channel is big and has over half of a million subscribers 3. babyteeth this is a massive channel run by kids they  make challenges vlog style videos and this channel has over  a million subcscribers and over i million viewers which me…

TOP 15 richest youtubers

top 15 richest YouTube's

            15. RYAN HIGA he makes                      $2000000 14. bajan Canadian 1.5 million$  13. the fine brothers to 2.4 million $ 12.epic rap battles of history to 2.4 million$ 11.  captinsparklez 2.2228 million$ 10. hola soy germen 2.5 million to 3 million $ 9. jennamarbles 2.5 million to 3 million$ 8. raywilliamjhonsen 324 million$  7. smosh 526 million$ 6. tobyturner 5.526.2 million$ 5. the yogscat 5.826.3 million$ 4.blu collection 626 point 5 million$ 3. zoella 6.527.2 million$ 2. pewdiepie 8 to 10 million$ 1. Disney collector br 12 million$